this thing called running

ok. i have a confession to make. i think i might actually be starting to like running--just a little bit. i know... the shock is astounding (don't tell my exercise crazed father about this either). so on my little 30 minute run yesterday i thought of why i might be enjoying this torture and came up with a few reasons:
1) ipod shuffle. a christmas gift from the in-laws. wow it is great! i can clip this tiny thing onto my shirt and not even know it's there. thanks to richie, it is loaded up with workout-inspiring music that it shuffles through to keep me going. i really don't know how people exercise without music. i love that it gets my thoughts elsewhere because we all know that if i actually thought about what i was doing at the time (running), that would be the end. i'd have to pack it up and go home right then. yeah. the ipod has helped.
2) the sammamish river trail. the only other river trail i knew in my life was the provo river trail. it had two sections: 1.the section right next to the highway, and 2.the scary-you-might-get-jumped section. yep. that's about it. so discovering the sammamish river trail has been wonderful! i have seen rabbits, mice, frogs, geese, great blue herons, a bald eagle, salmon, deer, something that might have resembled a ferret, and more. the trail has never been too scary, and you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the city! fabulous.
3) seattle weather. rumor has it that it 'rains 9 months of the year here.' well, it's unfortunately a rumor. i say unfortunately because i will make deals with myself where i say i will go running only when it's not raining. that has only gotten me out of running like 3 times. seriously. and then once i felt ambitious and went in the rain and it was so pleasant that i enjoyed the mistiness! so i need to find a new excuse to get out of running, but for now, you can't beat the pleasant temperatures year round and nice mornings of no rain.
4)me. me. me. yep. me. i just love that i can think about things and really let my mind wander when i am all alone and not getting interrupted. this took me a long time to be able to accomplish and is the main reason i can say i might start to like running. now that i can think about other things than the pain i am going through while running it is much more enjoyable. i plan my day. i make goals. i get ideas. it's as great for thinking as the shower, but without the water and singing. let's just say there might be some merit to this thing called running.


aaronandsharla said...

Fun post- I love to read your writing- So Sara, don't you remember when we ran the Moab 5 miler together? I have a photo of it. Anyway, yesterday I taught 3 Weight Watchers classes on exercise and shared about dad and my exercise "journey" - did you know that you can get the SAME benefits from walking as from running?? it is true. Anyway, also I am so jealous of your beautiful river trail and your nice cool weather. The temps. here are well over 105 everyday- and it is like 95 by 8 AM and still 98 at 10 PM!! And the scenery is brown, dusty and not green! WEll happy exercising to you! Enjoy it :)

DrummerGirl said...

Beautiful river trail!!! When I go running in Vegas, I usually imagine that I'm being chased by gangbangers. It's easy to outrun them, though, because of their saggy pants and gangsta pimp walks.