you gotta love technology! i am loving using my cell phone for all sorts of things, other than talking.... i'm not complaining that nobody ever calls me, rather, i am in awe at the real reasons i carry a cell phone around. 'window shopping' is so much more fun! for example... i saw this darling table at babystyle. of course it's way overpriced, but i do have an unfinished one from ikea that i've been meaning to paint. well, now i have a fabulous way i want to paint it!

and what about all those times you see a cute article of clothing and say to yourself, "i could make that for way less," only to get home and realize that you can't remember what it looked like? have no fear! use your phone!

or, have you ever tasted something so amazing that you wish you could always remember that one moment in time? don't have your camera with you? not a problem! use your phone!

and last but certainly not least... remember that one time when you went to the cheesecake factory with your cute husband to celebrate your third anniversary with the same delectible dessert you shared at your wedding, and then, just as you were about to dig in, he pulled out a most fabulous anniversary gift, like, say, a red ipod, even though you had agreed not to buy gifts? yeah, you probably wanted to remember that moment, but where's the camera? no need! pull out your phone!


SuzAndy said...

Happy Anniversary by the way! Three years... That was so cute of Richie!

aaronandsharla said...

Happy 3 years! You are lucky you have Babystyle close by- good ideas. I need to get one of those tables for Landon at Ikea. I love the Macy dress- I think we have a quilt out of that fabric- and the car photos. She is too cute! You are so funny too!

stacia said...

happy anniversary, happy anniversary! a red ipod eh? how cute and so you.