better late than never

in light of the tragic shootings in virginia, i give you flowers. oddly enough, i didn't hear about the shootings until thursday(!) to be quite honest, we don't watch the news and we've developed a love-hate relationship with our paperboy, so we didn't read about it in the daily paper. ironically, at the same time as the shootings, i was sitting at the dmv for the fourth time in three weeks. while sitting there i thought, i am so thankful that i only have to come to this place once every 5 years. twice a decade is plenty enough to get a dmv fix. it even crossed my mind that the crowds of people were so vulnerable in a place like that with so much organized chaos and so many seemingly unhappy people. i never remember feeling that way in a college class. it was always such a privilege to go to school, and i am sure the students at VT feel that as well. so why was i sitting at the dmv for the fourth time in less than a month? it's my own negligence. i let my license expire and had to take the written and driving tests again. on a lighter note, i failed the same thing i failed when i was 16! (he made me back out of a cul de sac like i was backing out of a curved driveway. he must have known that is how i hit our mailbox) but why am i writing about this? well, as soon as i realized i was driving with an expired license, i knew i had to fix it even though i didn't want to spend 4 hours at the dmv. and although it's been a week since the shootings, i feel it's something that has changed all of our perspectives. so, i still want to take a minute to reflect, and share my condolences and hope for the families of the victims. better late than never.

P.S. the flowers i currently have on my deck are these geraniums and daffodils. i looked up the meanings of each:
daffodils: regard
geraniums: stupidity, folly
somehow... appropriate

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aaronandsharla said...

I didn't hear about this event until my friends at playgroup told me. Anyway- I need one of those cars. I guess I should try some thrift stores here.