more more more!

lately i have been so inspired while reading other's craft blogs. so i have been trying to do as much in a day as i can to get through all the projects i want to while i am still motivated. i made macy a darling dress this week, only to put it on her and have it dragging on the floor. oh well. it's very summery, so it can wait. i also started a long awaited skirt for myself. but that got put on the backburner when i decided to change the style of it once again. i also tried making some more unique jewelry, but that will take some tweaking.
i am so excited because i put stuff in my etsy shop and had my first sale! i am planning on putting more and more things as i have more and more ideas. the list is actually quite long, it's just a matter of doing everything i want to! my favorite item in my shop so far would have to be this funky necklace. it looks so cute on with the flower off-centered! more later...

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