All You Need Is Love

I decided that this year I would buy or make some valentine decorations because I have never had anything more than the vase with conversation hearts in the bottom. As soon as the Valentines stuff hit the stores, I was on a mission. I looked everywhere I could think of. I even scoured the internet for cute lovey crafts I could whip up. Unfortunately, the only thing I found was 'love' (at Target) which is on my mantle. I haven't even found any cute sales since V-day. So in the end, the only decor I have is love and the roses Richie gave me on Valentines day. Not to worry though, I am actually quite fond of the love on my mantle. It fits so perfectly in the space under the mirror. I am loving the emptiness that fills in the space around the love. I guess all I really needed was love. (Did I mention that I love that song too?)

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Anonymous said...

you are the funniest girl that ever blogged..LOVE, mom